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 Lambo's gfx

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PostSubject: Lambo's gfx   Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:03 am

Hey guys these are a few of my gfx.

This is one i made for TG-ICY

This is a youtube background i made for a friend

This is something i threw together in about five minutes for a team on gamebattles

I made this one a while ago (when i still played pc so a long time ago)

This is the same as above but it doesnt flash

I made this about two years ago for a psp modding site

I made this for my signature on a modding site i used to use alot

I made this for a friend when i first started making gfx a few years

I will update this periodically as i make new gfx
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Lambo's gfx
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